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Rave Report

Shenlei did it again! Another fantastic party! If I thought I was overwhelmed by fun, music, lights and friends at the Universal Rave, I had no clue. LOL. I spent hours being bombarded by burning skull & crossbones, sparkles, canons, diving orcas, music and friends. Fantastic! In the picture above you can see our lovely hostess, lower left. You can see one of the TWO pirate galleys. You can see the dance ball – black w/ pink skull & cross bones. You can see the blue Dance! sign. You can see wenches and PIRATES!!! I think everyone had a Pirate hat. There were swords and pistols and boots and eye patches. Bottles of rum and yo ho ho! The chat was filled with Yarrrr! and Ahoy! and Avast! and Matey! Everyone partied so no one was forced to walk the plank. 🙂 You can see we are all having a wonderful wonderful time! Thanks Shen!!! Can’t wait for the next one!! (Oh yes everyone – Shenlei has promised another Rave coming soon!)



It's dark, but see if you can see the ship and the canons and the handsome pirate.

It's dark, but see if you can see the ship and the canons and the handsome pirate.

Oops!  Apologies Z!  you are right - my sword WAS stabbing you!

Oops! Apologies Z! you are right - my sword WAS stabbing you!

Talk and Party Like a Pirate Day!

Arrrrrr! This IS an international holiday! Talk Like a Pirate Day! You can find it in Wikipedia! You can find it in the news!

But best of all – party with your friends!! I know where I’m going tonight!!! Shengri La’s Piratical Rave! Darcey and I went shopping last night and we are all set!!! Swords and Pistols! Pirate hats! We are sailing the high seas and looking for plunder! But we’ll settle for dancing and having a great time with friends!

Hope to see you all! Or ye’ll be walking the plank! 🙂

Important Announcements

While many people who read my blog will already know these important things, there are a few who may not.  So here you go:

From Shenlei Flasheart:   “… my company, the Fashion Research Institute, Inc., has developed the Shengri La Vintage Marketplace on Shengri La .  We will provide vendor space for 20 emerging avatar apparel designers on our Second Life Shengri La sim for six months free of charge.  The designers are encouraged to build their brands, to sell their products through both their vendor prims and through the use of our catwalk system, and to grow their business. We are pleased to announce Michele Hyacinth as Curator of the Shengri La Vintage Marketplace for emerging avatar apparel designers in Second Life. Michele is responsible for managing the design selection process and overseeing the marketplace. For more information and details about the program, please contact Michele.

And check out Chestnut’s blog for more fun happenings at ShengriLa this week:

  • Wednesday, September 17th, the butterfly hunt for butterflies containing Ode jewelry
  • Friday, September 19th, the Pirate Rave (the universe rave was a blast! don’t miss this one!)

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