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Hot Tub Day!!!

I shouldn’t post this. I really shouldn’t post this. Despite being a modern, fairly enlightened person, emotionally I believe in jinxes, bad karma, and the evil eye. But my excitement is over-riding my caution. After nearly 22 years my wonderful hot tub finally sprang a leak that was not worth repairing. šŸ˜¦ We bit the bullet and ordered a new one. It comes TODAY!!!!!!! /me screams in joy and runs around the room in a crazed fashion, much as my dog is wont to do. *grin* Anyway, I’m waiting for the hot tub. Hoping that everything goes smoothly and that by tonight the water is heating. Or as my grandmother would say (and here let me modify it in recognition of my good friend Honour *grin*): From my mouth to my Invisible Friend’s ear.


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