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OOTD 20150303

Saw a great quote the other day. When I searched for the source, there is no one clear-cut source nor phrase. But here’s the version *I* saw and liked:

Anger is like eating poison and expecting the other person to die.

Yay to the “Howard-in-my-head” who taught me that we can hope for behavior from others, but we can’t expect it. Who taught me that “The agenda of anger is pain.” Who taught me to recognize my anger, understand it and let it go.

OOTD 20150302

Want to blame browsers
But KNOW it’s the computer
Work-issued failure.

OOTD 20150301

Living life gracefully is hard.
Dying gracefully is harder.

I watch you suffer.
Despite all your poor choices
This is so cruel.

OOTD 20150225

When you need a vacation, don’t wait for others to have time too. Go where you want to go. Make friends there. That’s a vacation in so many ways. Can it really be time for me to do this again ALREADY???


Most emails do not need an immediate answer. That is why they are emails. Do not feel obliged to “reply all” immediately to correct one incorrect example of the whole. You absolutely HAVE TO SET THE RECORD RIGHT???? Well, hey, start a blog and post your feelings. *grin* Your email was UNNECESSARY and counter-productive to the over-all intent.

OOTD 20150219

A sincere, well-timed generous tip can really pay dividends. :) /me sighs “ahhhhhh…..”

OOTD 20150218

Most of life is perception, not reality.

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