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Rainy Day Musings

Freedom is learning to dance in your chains. That phrase has been recurring in my life quite a bit this past week. I look at my self- and other-imposed shackles and I begin to sway….

Sarcastic, condescending, judgmental remarks telling others how they should live or think or feel do NOT make you sound intelligent nor wise. They merely serve to show up the failings in your own character.

On surviving loss in any world:
Shared moments in time
Are now memories of joy.
Grief yields to smiles.

It’s hard to be a parent:
I long to guard you
Keep you safe from harm and pain.
Shelter in my love.

This is my all-time favorite and the hardest for me to remember/live. Thanks to Calli for this one – she has it in her profile picks.
Don’t Take Anything Personally
Nothing others do is because of you. What others say and do is a projection of their own reality, their own dream. When you are immune to the opinions and actions of others, you won’t be the victim of needless suffering.

Oh, PLEASE let the weather report have it right for tomorrow: sunny, warm, gardening weather. I long to play in the garden and smell the flowers.

A Positive Love Story

I’m cheating again…. directing to you to other people’s blogs and articles. But when I find something that is so articulate, so right-on-target, something that I wish I had written – well, then I figure it’s my obligation to send you there.

Dusan Writer’s Metaverse is one of the blogs that I follow regularly. He writes about virtual worlds, not just about SL. I have learned many interesting things about OpenSim and the discussions on interoperability. There have been posts on corporations doing business in SL, a topic of great interest to me.

But yesterday’s post is on a subject of interest to everyone – love. Specifically: Love in a Virtual World. Apparently Newsweek has posted an article, “A Geek Love Story”, about 2 people who met in SL, formed a partnership in SL, then ultimately became RL partners as well. Except….. SHE lives in the US and HE lives in Wales, and they have only met in the atomic world 3 times in the past 4 years. But it works.

Speaking of love, and seemingly impossible relationships, and physical barriers to meeting: Frenis is now a week old. :) He’s growing up, changing. He doesn’t look so much like a fluffy chick. I think Mallory approves.

This will make your heart soar

This is among the most wonderful, amazing things that I have ever seen and heard. Take the seven minutes and WATCH THIS NOW!!! I have listened to it 3 times already. My heart is soaring in joy from this woman. Susan Boyle – you are magnificent!


The aviary grows

bill-mallory-and-drakeI love my ducks. You KNOW that I love my ducks. I had to stage a commando raid to bring them out from behind the firewall into the liberated land of McIntyre. When one of the ducks had problems adjusting, immediately I brought the doctor in for consultation. My ducks never cause me any trouble. They are excellent companions, quiet, friendly, supportive, cheerful. They are the upside of pet ownership.

This past week – people have been pushing other pets at me. Now I like animals. I really do. I have 3 cats and a dog in RL plus family members. *grin* So I have a lot of experience in the care and feeding of pets. But I DON’T want to spend my time in SL feeding and cleaning and all that stuff. So when Oura gave me a pug puppy, I started thinking of finding it a better home than with me and Mallory, Drake and Bill. Lucky for me – Darcey wanted a puppy and had room and time to care for the pug. Yay!! Mission accomplished, pet unloaded. Oops – that sounds a tad cold, doesn’t it?

frenisShenlei has been raising chickens. (Hey Shen – I much prefer it when you and I are raising hell. *grin*) There I was, exhausted from Jaymin’s Beyond Blogging conference, still trying to catch up from all the work pushed aside from being a dancing fairy, buried alive in RL with holiday preparations (everything went WONDERFULLY – thank you very much for asking), and Shen gives me a chicken. With the warning: it needs to be unboxed by tomorrow or it dies. Wow. Talk about pressure. Little chicklets are cute, but a grown chicken? Chicken fricassee, chicken paprikash, chicken salad. This chicken requires that I feed it. That I tend to it. It is NOT self-sufficient like the ducks. It needs attention.

So we argued back and forth. Shen claimed the chick didn’t need a lot of attention. freniss-food-dishI said that “lot” is relative. She warned me that if it got hungry, it would send me screaming IMs telling me that it was starving. I need this????? I offered to find it a good home. I protested that I had already raised as many infants as I cared to raise (I love you my darling son, not that you read my blog, thank goodness). Shen pointed out that she’d given me all the food for free, the chick for free, that it wasn’t much trouble AND added that she’d done a favor that I had requested. Oh. And she was beginning to get a bit miffed, I thought. Then she added the coup de grace.

frenis-makes-himself-at-homeThis wasn’t just a chicken. It was a male chicken. That is, it was a ROOSTER, also known as a. (family blog) Well. Now is the time to stop reading if you are easily offended. I mean it. You have been warned. All I can say in self-defense is that I was very very very tired. Somewhat punchy. What – you are still reading? Go away now. You can stop.

So, I accepted the rooster. After all, it was free and male. Males are hard to find in SL, we all know that. So meet my new pet – Frenis. *grin* And just as you would expect, Frenis is nothing but trouble!!!! He continues to walk into the water to be with the ducks. making-friendsI have SPOKEN FIRMLY with Mallory about this, and she just smiles a little inscrutable duck smile. Three times now I have had to go and rescue Frenis from the water. Finally last night I built walls. They are invisible and fairly low so they shouldn’t bother the rest of us, but it does seem to keep Frenis out of the water. He is incredibly noisy. I used to be able to hangout with the ducks, and listen to the water and wind (and the sound of my neighbor’s horse first-sign-of-troubles-to-comeneighing in the far distance). Now – non-stop rooster sounds. I have to keep a food dish handy for him. So there are ants and other bugs near my beach blankets. Sigh. But I have to admit – sometimes the little guy is amusing. So we shall see what happens. Frenis gets too annoying – he’s a goner. But if he stays on dry land and behaves, well, this may work out. Frenis may prove to be worth keeping.

Postcards from SL

Some weeks I have nothing much new or interesting to report about my life. Other weeks – I can’t catch my breath. Last week was breathless. I got half of what I wanted to report posted a few days ago. :) Now here is the rest. Shengri La turned 3 years old recently. It is my great fortune to be friends with Shenlei. I attended most of the celebratory events. They ran the gamut: unveiling of the FRI’s Spirit Opensim, fashion show, art gallery opening, special surprise tribute to Shen, musical concert and of course a Rave.

kirssyWe had a rehearsal for our dancing fairy fashion show. :) That should probably have been a post in and of itself. But that’s not happening. Just know that we had fun hanging out and meeting each other at the rehearsal. Oura had already enlisted, but we got Krissy to come and join us as well. Besides the dancing fairies we had fairies perched on leaves and on bunnies. I can’t help but smile everytime I see those bunnies. LOL. We had such an amazingly fun time stalking those lucky stumps for the bubble chairs. And then collapsing all over the bunnies. Hey Shen – we haven’t cut loose and done anything quite that ridiculous in awhile. I think we are overdue. We both need not-my-usual-lookto take a break from work and go PLAY! So here I am as a fairy. Not my usual look. I find that the wings tend to make my back itch. :) I even turned my eyes blue to match the dress. Although the hair isn’t my typical look either, I find it’s growing on me. Most of the other fairies had updos or, if they didn’t have to wear wings, flowing locks. I chose the Defiant Punk Fairy look. :) Maybe if I feel really daring I will post my private Defiant Fairy IMs. If I weren’t so opposed to personal pain and puncturing my body – I’d have been wearing a nose ring. :) I don’t think that I am really fairy material.

As you know, I am really really fond of wearing jeans and boots. In SL and RL. I like my hair down and curly and I like my jeans tight and straight and I like high heeled boots. But sometimes even I concede that a change of outfit is necessary. I was invited to the special sneak preview of a new exhibit of images of Shengri La Spirit (FRI’s OpenSim) shot by Callipygian Christensen. That event certainly required a bit more flare than jeans. So I knew I had to go shopping. LOL I turned to Honour for help. Now if you know Honour you KNOW that she ALWAYS says how much she hates shopping, how it takes a gun to her head to make her go. Well lately – Honour has been taking ME shopping. She got me looking for clothes at the RFL a few weeks ago. And she gave me the name of two stores where I could find cocktail party attire – Vindaloo and Baiastice. Not only did she steer me to the stores – she joined me there to help me decide. :) So now I feel I am fully justified in teasing Honour – calling her my personal shopper! But you know what – I got compliments on both outfits. So you did good, Honour! Thanks! You can see the Baiastice outfit in one of the pics below. What was truly funny about this FRI event was the contrast between the male and female guests. *grin* The women had ALL dressed for the event – formal or cocktail attire. The men – nearly all in scruffy jeans and T-shirts. It was really very very funny. Even funnier to me on a personal note… As I’ve mentioned, I’m in charge of a mall in OpenSim. Well, the gentleman who asked me to take on that responsibility was at this party. I IM’d him and said “Hi! Great to see you!” He replied “Have we met?” rofl. Um, yes. So I wrote back and pointed out that this was the REAL me, and that if he ever got hair, boots and AOs working to my standards in our sim, this is who I would be and how I would look. *grin* Until then – he gets Summer. Sigh. Poor Summer.

honoring-shenleiCallipygian Christensen is not only a phenomenal photographer. She is brilliant. Calli and Shenlei have been friends forever. *grin* That’s a relative “forever”. Calli had an exhibit opening at Shengri La, timed to be part of the Shengri La Emergence Day celebrations. Calli wanted to do what so many of us would like to do: thank Shen for all the wonderful things she has done for both her friends and the community and world at large. Calli didn’t only want to do it – she figured out the most fantastic, personal, wonderful, special present a person could have. Calli commissioned Kyle Beltran to write a piece of music, inspired by and about Shengri La. We all knew that Calli was going to surprise Shen at the art opening, but we did not know WHAT the surprise was. It was breath-taking. Kyle’s composition is truly wonderful: moving, evocative. You can hear the waves on the shore, see the butterflies, smell the flowers. callis_surprise Shenlei is truly blessed to have such wonderfully thoughtful, creative, caring friends. We stood about toasting Shenlei with champagne as we listened to Kyle’s music, surrounded by Calli’s art. (Can you see Oura’s pictures on the walls? And find me in my Baiastice dress.) Honestly – I know that the Shenlei was not the only one with tears in her eyes from the beauty and love shown in that gift. Calli and Kyle – you are amazing.

kyle-beltranIn the afternoon, Kyle Beltran entertained us with his singing and music. Kyle gives a wonderful show. He is witty, charming, good-natured, plays the piano wondefully and I love listening to him sing. There were many of his faithful followers there but we also had a fairly steady stream of newbies coming through as well. Remember – FRI Shengri La is an official SL Gateway. :) It is interesting to watch the newbies mingle with the oldies. *grin* I DO remember what it was like to be a noob. Believe me – I am NOT laughing at them. I think that part of me smiles because I think what a great adventure they have ahead of them. Part of me smiles because I’m glad I finally learned how to walk across a room without crashing into everyone. (well, usually) And certainly some of the outfits they put together are no odder than ones I’ve seen by people who have been in SL a long long time.

fairy-raveNo celebration would be complete with a Rave. :) So the evening ended with a Fairy Rave in the fairy fashion grove. Yes, the attire was fairy. :) So I put my wings back on, took off my boots, and flitted my way to the Rave. Had a wonderful time chatting and dancing.

Snapshots of the Past Week

Some weeks I have nothing much new or interesting to report about my life. Other weeks – I can’t catch my breath. This past week was breathless. Since I’ve become a bit sporadic about posting, I figured I’d get these snippets up while they were still fresh in my mind, giving me joy. Shengri La turned 3 years old recently so a great deal of my week was involved with that. That will all figure in the next post. But there were a few other things happening as well.

First: I know this is a little late – but do catch the end of the Beyond Blogging Conference today:

April 8th
08:00 PDT 11:00 EST Homesteading in the IBM Grid
09:00 PDT 12:00 EST Lessons Learned from IBM’s Academy of Technology Virtual Conferences (This should be VERY informative and interesting! But I bet he doesn’t mention the landscaping… *grin* )

contemplating-the-rezzerI have spent most of my work week sitting on the ground, contemplating my rezzer. I was quite alarmed at how much I’d forgotten from my scripting lessons with Hell. :( So I probably spent several hours just kicking my brain back into scripting mode. But by the end of the week, my rezzer worked, my graphs appeared, things rezzed in the right location and the right color. And my brain seems to be back in the proper mode for thinking and developing. If only I had more time……

reunionOne of the best things that happened this week was a reunion. I didn’t post on it here, but Dale posted on his blog. He had to leave his shack at Pier. That was my first home. Literally. When Dale rescued me from Orientation Island, SL set Pier to my home location. And it stayed my home until I finally moved here to McIntyre. If you go back to my posts on my first hours in SL, I’m sure that I mentioned the wonderful black kitty that lived on Dale’s couch at Pier. I LOVE Kitty. Kitty was my best friend on many an occasion. I’d go hang out with Kitty, model my new outfits for him, feed him tuna snacks (oh does Kitty have fish breath sometimes!!!). I’d cuddle Kitty and we’d confide in each other. And then… Pier was no more. Kitty was locked away in inventory. A little piece of my heart was broken when Dale and Kitty left Pier. But we were reunited this week. :) After a party Dale and I went back to visit Kitty, and see his new home. Oh joy!!! We sat forever, talking and relaxing and loving Kitty. :) It was heaven. It’s not Pier, but it was still Home. Ah Kitty – *hugs* I love you. /me fills back with tuna treats and marks calendar for next visit.

dealing-with-mainland-neighborsAnd there is the great Mainland is Ugly propaganda. Well, I live on the mainland. Yeah, my next-door neighbors put up a landing strip. You know what – it has never bothered me. THEY have never bothered me. Almost nothing that happens around my house has bothered me. Until this week. Finally a neighbor did something that I did indeed find not to my taste. I like to sit by my pool, at my table with my laptop, drinking coffee while I work or blog (as I am doing now). The other morning I sat down, looked up across the way, and there was a large revolving religious symbol. Very large. Very obvious. As close to my property line as they could put it without going over the line. It actually was brushing against some of my tree branches. So I stared at that a bit. Decided that I really did NOT want to see it anymore. They were entitled to their opinion, but having seen it, I didn’t need a constant reminder. So I put up a thicket hedge. Shenlei had given me this particular hedge when I moved in – she used it to block an ad farm near the back of my property. So I tossed the tree that was there, put up the thicket and there you go. Problem solved. I guess us Mainlanders are pretty flexible folks.

dancing-to-vonjohnI spent so much of the week not being “me” (I’ll explain that more in another post). It’s not so bad when I’m staring at my rezzer. I mean – I am okay with how I look there. No AO, which annoys me. No boots, which also annoys me. But the hair and clothing aren’t too bad. And I’m working, so mostly I don’t even notice. But by late Saturday evening, I needed a bit of comfort. Von Johin was playing the blues. I tp’d home, put on my boots, jeans, and hair, and headed over. I spent a wonderful hour chatting, dancing and admiring an extremely neat cat avatar. I think that maybe I will buy an av like that and spend a week as a cat. I need a break. :)

Wow. I didn’t think I had anything to say, but I went on and on, didn’t I? That’s because this will have to hold you through the week. It’s Pesach, and RL takes precedence this week.

Beyond Blogging Conference

The Beyond Blogging conference starts tomorrow: Tuesday, April 7 at 9am SLT. You really do not want to miss this. It should be very interesting and fun. Lots of good speakers lined up. I will be there for sure. There are some changes to the schedule and presenters since I posted this the other day. (Just look for IBM 9 on the map – you’ll find us there.)

Beyond Blogging: Schedule
Here is the lineup of events for the Beyond Blogging conference. All events will start at the Lotusphere Parcel on IBM 9.
April 7th
09:00 PDT 12:00 EST Virtual Worlds Culture
10:00 PDT 13:00 EST Teaming in World of Warcraft
11:00 PDT 14:00 EST Stone Soup Stories
12:00 PDT 15:00 EST Roundtable: Achieving a Work/Life/Virtual Life balance
13:00 PDT 16:00 EST Roundtable: What’s in a Name?
14:00 PDT 17:00 EST Roundtable: Appearance Matters!
15:00 PDT 18:00 EST The Wonderful World of Colin Fizgig
16:00 PDT 19:00 EST Leaving a Virtual Legacy
17:00 PDT 20:00 EST Field Trip: Social Aspects of Virtual Worlds
April 8th
02:00 PDT 05:00 EST 100 students interviews in a SL theater
05:00 PDT 08:00 EST Language Learning in Second Life
08:00 PDT 11:00 EST Homesteading in the IBM Grid
09:00 PDT 12:00 EST Lessons Learned from IBM’s Academy of Technology Virtual Conferences

Opening General Session – Virtual Worlds Culture
7th April, 09:00 PDT / 12:00 EST

Virtual Worlds are more than just another medium for the exchange of information. Most of the venues we have for social interaction on the internet today, web pages, blogs, instant messaging, all revolve around the written word. Virtual worlds such as Second Life allow for user contribute content that spurs on social interaction in ways that are quite different from previous text driven interfaces.

Jessica Qin will open the conference with a discussion of this culture arising from Virtual Worlds.

Teaming in World of Warcraft
7th April, 10:00 PDT / 13:00 EST

Massively multiplayer online games, like any team environment, rely heavily on good communication and matched goals. Due to the lack of supervision by team leaders, organization and team identity are even more important. In teams who are geographically local, the team members can go to a dinner or some other event together. However, in a geographically dispersed team whose members are unlikely to ever meet face to face, these challenges have to be addressed differently.

Sasha Oliver speaks on the lessons she has learned to address virtual teaming through her experience leading a guild in World of Warcraft.


Entertaining Education

beyond-blogging-confI’m not sure “education” is the correct word, but I like alliteration. My friend Jaymin is runinng a Beyond Blogging conference. “What’s that?” you ask. It’s a conference in a more-relaxed format. It is an opportunity for people to meet in SL and discuss what aspects of virtual worlds excite them, annoy them, help them, and have changed their lives. Or as Jaymin writes it:

The ‘Beyond Blogging’ Conference is about exploring the use of virtual worlds by IBM and IBMers alike in their social and working lives. Virtual worlds are used for the expression of ideas, new concepts, collaboration, communication and community building. We are looking for papers, posters or presentation sessions along the lines of the conference theme: how virtual worlds have affected IBM and IBMers.
Since the conference it taking place in public space, non-IBMers may participate if they wish. Those just wishing to attend may subscribe to the Developer Works Blog on “Return on Investment in Virtual Worlds” for updates. Those who wish to present a topic may do so. They just need an IBM Employee to “sponsor” them. You or your sponsor can contact the conference organizers for more details.
Beyond Blogging will take place on April 7-8, 2009, on the Lotusphere parcel in the IBM 9 region of Second Life.

Jaymin mentioned this conference to me a few weeks ago and then I saw that Tateru Nino was blogging on it as well. I’m providing a link to Jaymin’s website, but I have experienced some difficulties at times reaching it. So I will copy in much of the information here (*grin* the stuff that *I* find really really interesting).

Beyond Blogging: Schedule
Here is the lineup of events for the Beyond Blogging conference. All events will start at the Lotusphere Parcel on IBM 9.
April 7th
09:00a PDT 12:00 EST Opening General Session
10:00a PDT 13:00 EST Teaming in World of Warcraft
11:00a PDT 14:00 EST Homesteading in the IBM Grid
12:00noon PDT 15:00 EST Roundtable: Achieving a Work/Life/Virtual Life balance
13:00 PDT 16:00 EST Roundtable: What’s in a Name?
14:00 PDT 17:00 EST Roundtable: Appearance Matters!
15:00 PDT 18:00 EST The Wonderful World of Colin Fizgig
16:00 PDT 19:00 EST Leaving a Virtual Legacy
17:00 PDT 20:00 EST Field Trip: Social Aspects of Virtual Worlds
April 8th
02:00a PDT 05:00a EST 100 students interviews in a SL theater
05:00a PDT 08:00a EST Language Learning in Second Life
08:00a PDT 11:00a EST Stone Soup Stories
09:00a PDT 12:00noon EST Closing General Session

You KNOW that I am going to be therefor the Appearance Matters! session.  Actually, I plan to be there for most of the sessions.  :)   Because these are topics that I find fascinating.  As you probably know, if you read this blog.  I will probably have quite a bit to say in the What’s in a Name? session as well.  *grin*  Ah yes, topics that are near and dear to me.

The Opening session should also be extremely interesting. This deals with IBM’s work with LL over the past year, using SL for conferences. LL has been blogging about this themselves, now we can hear about it from the IBM perspective. This session will be headed by Neil Katz:

In late 2008 IBM’s Academy of Technology held a conference on virtual worlds in a virtual world: a private instance of Second Life behind IBM’s firewall. As an experiment in virtual conferencing for researchers of the topic it was a success and might have been relegated as an indication of where the future could go. However, six weeks later, the crashing economy and emergency cost saving measures caused the travel budget for the annual general meeting of IBM’s Academy of Technology to be cut. Suddenly our virtual conference work was pulled from the research sidelines and given center focus as it became the only possibly way to hold the AGM within the economic constraints.

Neil Katz, an IBM Distinguished Engineer and chairman of the conference will speak on history, development, success, and ultimate lessons learned of the two conferences.

And don’t miss “Leaving a Virtual Legacy”!!!! That session will be led by our beloved Honour McMillan.

Nothing seems as ephemeral as the virtual world. What we perceive as land and buildings and accessories and appearances are just electrons, bits and bytes. Our concept of ownership is nebulous as they are stored on servers we have no control over, and do not represent something concrete we can hold in our hands. The general assumption is that our electronic creations are ‘writ on water’. And yet works of electronic media have been tenaciously persistent. What student of the late 80’s would have thought at the time their angst filled ramblings on usenet would be indexed and searchable 20 years later, prompting awkward questions from their children?
Perhaps we should take our creations more seriously. It may be that our exploratory fumblings of today, of all the efforts of our lives, are the most likely to end up ‘writ on marble'; recorded, indexed, and presented is some unguessable 3D wikipedia of 2030.

climbing-wallFinish up the first day with a social tour led by none other than Dale. *grin* Okay – if you know Dale (and if you read my blog you do), you know that this WILL be a fun. *grin* See you there!

Get there EARLY!!!!  IBM 9/Lotusphere has very good builds and games and is extremely interesting.  There is a climbing wall  – check it out!  To ascend the wall, you must answer the questions correctly!  *grin*   Look at me go!!!

Reminder: Fun things to do

Shengri La celebrates turning 3 tomorrow! Come and join in all the festivities! Of course, since this is MY blog and life IS all about ME…. don’t forget to come see the dancing fairies at 7am SLT on Saturday morning. :)

There is new art from Callipygian Chrstensen! Images by Calli invites you to The Gallery at Shengri La for the opening of the spring exhibition. There are two ‘Opening Reception and Meet the Artist’ times:

Friday, April 3, 12 noon to 1:30pm SLT
Friday, April 3, 6pm -8pm SLT

As always a new rotation means a new build of the gallery – 4 gallery spaces wrapped around the cliff, with a new collection of images of SL avatars, landscapes and still lifes. Bad boys smoking, lighthouses lighting, Monet-style impressionist pieces..the usual variety :)


As part of the Shengri La emergence festivities Calli has a restrospecitve of images of Shengri La, in the Small Gallery, and a collection of images of Spirit – the FRI opensim development project. Spirit is brand new and on the leading edge of OpenSim development. The images are located at the Information Centre in Shengri La and will be on view from noon on Saturday.

And thanks to Chadd!! He came by this morning to help me start the day out right! :) I realize that while I have LOTS of coffee, I am woefully short on vittles. But I managed to find a box of donuts and a piece of Kiwi cheesecake. How nutritious.

Company in the morning

sharon-drops-in-for-morning-coffeeIt used to be I logged on to SL after work and stayed on into the wee hours of the morning. But now I logon AT work and start my work day inworld – scripting, building, thinking. By the time I get back home, after what has become a horrible commute, I’m pretty much tuckered out. Often I choose to curl up with a book. :) Imagine that. So I’m not getting to as many events as in the past. I’m certainly not going to as many parties. a-blue-morning-is-not-a-sad-morning And I’m not hanging out at the Crown and Pearl, or sailing or riding horses or doing much of anything but chatting. :(

But sometimes good things DO come to those who wait. :) This last week I’ve had several early morning visitors. There I am, enjoying a cup of coffee at the office or scripting on the sand at home, and friends drop by. Such a pleasant way to start the day.

darceys-egg-hunting-outfitBlue came by to visit the other day. Neither of us had time to dance, but we hung out and watched the ducks for a bit. Darcey is back in town. She had been hunting Easter eggs and dropped by to show me her loot. Sharon was passing by on her way to other things, but kept me company while I had my early morning coffee!

On the other hand, later in the morning I can get some more diverse visitors. :) I was sitting at my desk, thinking that it was just can-i-haz-a-jobabout time to put down the scripting and eat some lunch when male Sabra burst into my office. Yes, that was his name. He wriggled and writhed and slid all about my office. He definitely was attracted to doors. He kept opening all the doors in the office, even the door to the executive bathroom. He never said anything that made sense. He said “hey” and “yok” and “2f” and “esefrfo” and other illuminating phrases. I decided that he must seeking-advice-from-a-professionalhave been applying for a job. He spent most of his time wriggling directly in front of my desk. :) Finally I called in Dale for a professional opinion. WHAT was this guy?? We never really came to any convincing conclusion and we never got him to say anything coherent. But it was good for a little lunchtime laugh.

So if it’s early morning and you are on and I am on – IM! I always (mostly) have time to share a cup of morning brew! As long as you are not some escaped bot dancing to music only you can hear!

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